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Water Extraction Services in Greensboro, NC

Water Extraction Services in Greensboro, NC

Looking for a fast, effective way to remove deep-penetrating water in your home? AFTERDISASTER can help. We're proud to be your first local source for water extraction services in Greensboro, NC, and we're ready to dispatch contractors to your residence as soon as you request our assistance. Let us help you protect your home from mold, mildew, and other long-term effects of flooding with professional-grade water extraction equipment.

Why Water Removal Matters

When it's safely contained, water doesn't pose much of a threat to your home. But when it floods and soaks into your floors, walls, or ceiling, it can quickly become a serious health and safety hazard. This is because water creates a cozy environment for mold and mildew. This fast-spreading, hard-to-remove fungus can cause health problems and weaken your property's structural integrity.

Don't give floodwater the chance to foster mold and mildew in your home. Instead, enlist the help of a water extraction company that cares about your safety. AFTERDISASTER knows that there isn't a minute to lose when it comes to removing water from your home's components—that's why we're committed to responding to emergency cleanup requests within 60 minutes or less.

Before and After Water Damage in Greensboro, NC

Enlist the Help of a Skilled Water Extraction Contractor

Removing water from flooring, walls, and ceilings isn't as simple as it sounds. Just sopping the visible water up isn't enough to prevent mold and mildew from growing—to do that, you need help from contractors with specialized equipment. Leave the work of removing unseen moisture to our team. We'll arrive at your home with everything we need to extract as much water as possible.

What You Can Do Now

At AFTERDISASTER, we take pride in our fast response times. However, if you're waiting for our team to arrive at your home, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate the worst of the water damage and help our team clean up more efficiently.

  • Shut Off the Water Source (If Possible)
  • Remove and Unplug Electrical Devices
  • Open Windows or Turn On Air Conditioning to Encourage Drying

Water Disaster Services for Commercial Clients

Along with residential clients, AFTERDISASTER offers water removal services to local businesses and other commercial entities. Floods can affect stores, restaurants, and warehouses, too—that's why we're more than happy to undertake commercial water damage projects of all kinds.

Contact us today to schedule water extraction services at your place of residence. We proudly serve clients in Greensboro, NC, along with Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Asheboro, and Mount Airy.